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The Safety and Security You Seek in Commercial Real Estate

Starts With Building The Right Team

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We will connect you with a top real estate agent in your market. Our recommended real estate agents and brokers specialize in your specific area of real estate. Expert skill sets are aligned just for you, whether you are a business owner or commercial property owner in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, office, medical, industrial, flex, vacant land, investment, or multi-family area of commercial real estate.

​​​​Connect with Top Performing Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers in the Following Brokerage Categories:

  • Leasing Specialist: A real estate broker who is a leasing mastermind. This real estate agent is in tune with the latest market activity and tenant expansion plans. This real estate agent has deep local market knowledge, so you can fill your commercial property with great tenants
  • Commercial Sales Specialist: An expert real estate listing agent for quickly selling your real estate, so you can cash in and move on to your next opportunity
  • Tenant Rep: A tenant representative is a leasing guru skilled in negotiating commercial leases on terms that provide your business maximum advantages and flexibility, so you can focus on what you do best with your business and not worry about the complexities of your commercial lease
  • Buyer Agent: A real estate broker who is a tenacious advocate for your real estate investment or build to suit purchase requirements, so you can identify and acquire the perfect location for your business

Finally, all the guessing games are over. You no longer have to worry about figuring out who the best real estate agent is for you. You don't have to worry about falling for a finely tuned, slick sales pitch, only to be left with an agent who isn't very good.

Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate will match you with a real estate agent based on your specific business needs. This real estate broker will be perfectly matched for you based on our carefully calibrated database. We pre-screen and verify broker candidates specifically for you.  Our matchmaking service will save you countless hours and heartache. Skip all that and send us your requirements today.

With Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate, you can get connected with the real estate agent who knows your market better than anyone else in your community. Get connect now and master your real estate needs today.

Are you Developing a Brand New Project or Looking to Sell or Lease an Existing Commercial Property?

Commercial Brokers
Mixed Use Construction

Leasing Specialist:
A Commercial Real Estate Broker Who Knows Everyone on the Move in Your Neighborhood

The best leasing specialists have focus.  These real estate agents typically pick a category such as retail, office, or industrial properties.  In addition to that, these brokers also carefully define their target neighborhoods, boroughs, or cities. In many cases, they know who is on the move before you even list with them.

Focus is the Leasing Specialist's most compelling characteristic. You want the very best leasing specialist focused on your property.

Commercial Sales Specialist:
A Marketing Powerhouse Prepared to Maximize Your Exposure and Close the Deal

A top commercial real estate agent sales specialist is similar to a leasing specialist, but focus on commercial real estate property buyers instead.  Commercial sale listing specialists will find you investors, developers, expanding businesses, and other qualified buyers who are perfect suitors for your commercial property.

In addition to knowing groups who want to buy properties, a commercial sales listing specialist has powerful marketing systems to unleash for your benefit.  Leveraging technology, and a personal contact network, your property will be seen by thousands of qualified commercial real estate buyers.

Choosing an elite commercial sales specialist will find the right buyers as quickly as possible for you. These commercial real estate agents will also help you navigate the pros and cons and choose the right offer to accept during sometimes intense negotiations.

Do you Need to Find the Next Amazing Location for your Business?

Request a Perfectly Matched
Tenant Rep or Buyer Agent

Commercial Brokers
Office Space

Tenant Rep:
Find the Best Space for your Growing Business and Continue to Flourish

Your best return on investment is likely from your business itself. To maximize your return on time and effort you shouldn't have to surf endlessly on the internet or drive all over your city looking for the perfect space to lease. Wouldn't it be so much better if an expert could provide you with an entire list of all the best spaces to consider?

The list will include all of the publicly listed properties, but often includes non-listed properties, confidential listings, and new developments that do not even exist yet. The best developments are leased up before they even begin construction. Experienced real estate agents who specialize in tenant representation will reach out to their network of commercial property owners and developers to uncover hidden opportunities for you.

Finding a property is just the very start. Organizing a Letter of Intent and making sure your new lease includes all the perks you need is an essential step. Negotiating with a skilled Tenant Representative typically saves you more than the cost of the service, and in many cases the property owners will pay the real estate agent fees.

Everything falls into place better when you have an advocate looking out for your best interests.

Buyer Agent:
Purchase with Confidence by Selecting an Expert Advocate and Negotiator

By using the Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate Broker Matchmaking Service you can quickly identify the best performing commercial real estate agents in your business neighborhood to take expert care of your property acquisition needs.

It is often said, all real estate is local. This is absolutely true. To maximize your success, you need someone on the inside of the industry.  You need a real estate agent who is in tune with all of the latest developments to find the very best locations for your business.

There may be properties that are a perfect match for you, but they aren't always listed. Top commercial real estate agents turn over every stone and uncover every gem. Municipalities may be planning new business parks or street improvements. The best commercial real estate properties sell quickly and you will need an advocate on the inside of the commercial real estate industry if you want to have a shot at these top real estate acquisition prospects.

A top commercial real estate agent will fully understand your acquisition needs, and he or she will pounce on every great opportunity for you.

Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate

Private Client Services

Do you have a special commercial real estate project that must be completed to perfection? Is this project so important to you that there is no room for error?

If so, you may be a candidate for Lighthouse Private Client Services.

Call today and ask for Private Client Services.

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